FireEye Identifies CareFirst Hack – Could Affect Upwards of 1.1 Million

In what is becoming a seemingly common theme, FireEye and their consulting arm Mandiant (acquired in 2014) are at the center of uncovering another high profile data breach. This time the victim is CareFirst BlueCross Blue Shield.

Earlier this year the dynamic duo of FireEye and Mandiant were brought in to assess the internal IT systems at CareFirst. On April 21st, as reported by they had “discovered evidence of unauthorized accesses to the database on June 19, 2014.”

Fortunately for CareFirst no evidence of additional attacks against the CareFirst systems was found.

FireEye the “Go To” Company for Breaches

As reported by USA Today, FireEye (FEYE) has been the “SWAT” team brought in to investigate high-profile attacks against Target, JP Morgan Chase, Sony Pictures, Anthem and others over the past two years. “Often times they ask us to be side-by-side with them when they announce their breach,” said FireEye CEO David DeWalt.

For those of you who don’t follow the players in the security industry as closely as we do, Mr. DeWalt was the CEO of McAfee when in 2010 he orchestrated its sale to Intel for just under $8 Billion.

It would appear as though FireEye has gained the confidence of some of the largest and most high profile organizations in the world and we certainly believe that confidence is warranted. At Konsultek we have been weaving FireEye’s next generation of threat prevention into our custom solutions for over two years.

FireEye’s unique “sandbox” approach to threat prevention allows potential threats to be identified and addressed in the safety of a quarantined evaluation space so that your systems are never at risk.

FireEye’s approach to threat detection and prevention offers several advantages:

  • Cloud based – potential threats are “detonated” in controlled virtual environments outside your network.
  • Machine learning – as more threats are detected and dealt with the FireEye engine learns, applying collective intelligence to protect your system.
  • Real time – since FireEye is cloud based “updates” happen in real time so your protective shield is always up to date.
  • Centralized Management System – consolidates and simplifies all facets of FireEye’s protection into one simple to use interface.

Ready to learn more about how FireEye and Konsultek can help secure your network and data? Please, just give us a call at (847)426-9355, we’re always available to listen!

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