Cyber Attack and Data Breach Top Business Fears Survey

The 2017 Horizon Scan from the Business Continuity Institute has been released.

The survey results have been compiled from the responses of 726 organizations across 79 countries. The survey represents a wide range of market segments including financial and insurance services, retail and defense. The companies surveyed were diverse in size ranging from small businesses, with fewer than 250 employees, to corporations with more than 100,000 employees and annual sales of more than 50 billion USD.

Source: Business Continuity Institute

Perception Is Not Reality When Classifying BC Risks

Later in the Horizon Scan report the folks at BCI introduce a new metric called the “Disruption Level”. Interestingly, when you reclassify the top 3 threats, in terms of disruption “Unplanned IT and Telecom Outages” rise to the top in terms of disruption with a score of 72. In contrast, “Cyber Attack” and “Data Breach” score just 35 and 15 respectively. This shows that there is a huge disparity between what is perceived as a risk to BC as opposed to what is actually a risk to BC.

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