Your Future is Cloudy but is it Controlled?

That’s the question explored in an excellent new post by Lori MacVittie on the F5 Blog.

As everyone knows, cloud computing is big and getting bigger and as part of F5’s State of Application Delivery 2017 survey respondents were asked to provide insights into their use of the cloud within their organizations.

Controlled vs. Commoditized

What became clear after analyzing the survey results is that there is an overwhelming preference towards utilizing cloud environments that offer control and customization vs. those that are public and commoditized as shown in the graphic below.

In sifting through the data what becomes apparent is that when attempting to divide up the cloud into market segments, control is more important than location. Physical threats aside, that makes perfect sense since the difference between running applications on a public service such as Amazon AWS or Azure and running them on a private or collocated service is the degree of customization and control available.

By necessity the public providers have to limit the ability to customize in order to be able to cheaply scale. This in turns leaves the customizable segment of the market open to other more private and controllable models. It’s just another example of mass market vs. niche market in a sense. Both have their place and in fact, many respondents use a combination of both to satisfy their organization’s cloud needs.

F5 and Konsultek

When it comes to the cloud and application management for your organization there is no better tag-team than Konsultek and F5. So if your future looks cloudy let our combined expertise cast a little sunshine on your day and provide you with the world class technology and consulting you deserve. The future of the cloud is bright and your guide is just a phone call away.


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