Hack an iPhone and Apple will give you $1Million

That was the announcement made at last week’s Black Hat conference by Ivan Krstić, Apple’s head of security.

Keep in mind that the $1,000,000 is not for just any hack but for gaining full control of the device remotely without the user having to touch or handle the device. And, by the way, that device can be any Apple device running iOS or macOS, not just an iPhone.

Bug Bounties on the Rise

Apple launched its bug bounty program in 2016. At that time they were offering up to $200,000 for vulnerabilities that allowed the hacker to gain full control of a device running iOS without user involvement.

So why the rapid rise in Apple paid bounties? Well as it turns out they are simply trying to be more competitive in the bug bounty market. Even at $1,000,000  though, Apple is still far behind Zerodium who will pay up to $2,000,000 for the same exploit. And who knows how much governments would pay for the ability to hack iPhones at will! It seems that if you are good enough to pull it off, there are plenty of other organizations you could sell your wares to besides Apple and for a lot more money.

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