Coping with the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage

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According to Fox Business the start of 2019 the cybersecurity worker shortage hit 3 million and there are no signs of this shortage going away anytime soon.

What’s a Company to Do?

With talent in such short supply many companies are faced with what seems like an unresolvable dilemma. On one hand they realize that without knowledgeable, experienced security staff they are leaving themselves more vulnerable. On the other hand, talent if it can even be found will come at a hefty price tag and is unlikely to stick around if a better offer presents itself as it surely will.

Managed Services is the Answer

What if you could outsource the problem altogether and get access to world-class security talent without the headaches of hiring and retention? Well you can and at Konsultek we’ve developed an entire suite of managed services that help you secure your network without having to secure talent.

A Sweet Suite of Services

Our off-the-shelf managed services include:

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Device Management
  • Infrastructure and Life Cycle Management
  • Managed Help Desk
  • Managed Messaging Service
  • Network Access Control
  • Network Visibility and Monitoring
  • Siem & Log Management
  • Vulnerability Management.

Have a security need you don’t see covered? No problem. Give us a call to discuss your particular needs. Relax! Chances are we’ll be able to develop a customized managed security suite just for you.

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