COVID-19 Distributed Your Workforce, Konsultek Will Secure It

The Global response to the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus has been swift and unprecedented. Your organization and organizations around the world have been forced to implement or consider implementing a distributed workforce. No problem, right? Everyone has email, and remote access to the network so there really shouldn’t be much of a disruption. But how is this newly distributed workforce affecting your network security?

How Secure are your Remote Workers?

While it’s true that at this point in time working remotely isn’t very difficult for individuals and organizations, working SECURELY is a whole different story and you can count on the fact that the cyber-criminal element out there is going to have a field day breaking into networks through insecure network access protocols.

Enter Zero Trust

Zero Trust is an information security framework originally released by the Cloud Security Alliance in 2014 which states that organizations should not trust any entity inside or outside of their perimeter at any time. A Zero Trust Network Access architecture such as that provided by Konsultek and their partner PulseSecure is the answer to the question you should be asking yourself — “How do I best secure my newly distributed workforce?”

VPN and Beyond

For years organizations of all sizes have relied on some sort of virtual private network (VPN) to allow remote workers to securely connect to centralized services. However, in today’s higher risk world filled with mobile devices, BYOD and more skilled and persistent hackers many organizations are looking to move beyond traditional VPNs. That is where Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) comes in.

Pulse Connect Secure provides mobile resources with:

  • Web access, using PCS to access corporate resources from any location using any web-enabled device such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet
  • Per-app access where any mobile app access is supported without modification, app wrapping, or SDK
  • Always-on access where a VPN is automatically established based regardless of user setting

Konsultek is Here to Help

Konsultek is pleased to be able to offer 2 great deals for those of you looking to secure your mobile, distributed workforce.

First, if you contact us before 5/31/2020 we will be able to expedite Pulse Connect Secure licenses and registration.

Second, if a traditional VPN will meet your needs, we are offering FREE VPN licenses for all our existing customers through our valued partner Check Point.

Help is just a phone call or contact form inquiry away!

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