Data and Information Security

It’s 3:00am when you get the call that your network is under attack. After an instant of panic you relax. Why? Because you’re a Konsultek client and Konsultek is synonymous with security.

Your well designed infrastructure is just the first step to efficient, available and secure information.

The challenges to information security are everywhere: mobile communication devices, flash drives, VOIP, LAN, WAN and MAN all represent potential points for information security breach.

According to information technology research firm Gartner:

“The cost of fixing the problem after a data security breach can be up to 15 times more expensive than protecting customer data in the first place.”

The Perils of “off-the-shelf” Solutions

Some would have you believe that security is as simple as buying products from a catalog and plugging them in. The only thing this will get you is a false sense of security, not true integrated information security.

The Key to Your Information Security is Integration

Integration means that all of your security solutions work together and that all potential threats to your information security; physical, wired and wireless have been accounted for in a comprehensive plan of action.

The Logical Place to Start: A Certified Security Assessment

Not sure where to begin? To busy? Think everything is taken care of? Whatever your situation one of the best investments you’ll ever make is in a Konsultek Certified Security Assessment.

“Konsultek continues to be a strategic partner focused beyond competitive pricing to strategic services and timely execution of requests. Their knowledgeable staff researches products extensively to assist in buying decisions and avoiding implementation pitfalls of products making the overall relationship extremely beneficial to anyone who uses them.”

-Leading Health Care Provider

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