Did the First Hack From Space Just Occur?

As cool as that would be, I’m not sure someone using a willingly shared password actually counts as a hack even if that shared password was indeed used from space to access a now estranged person’s account.

Astronaut vs. Former Air Force Intelligence

Anne McClain, a former U. S. Army pilot who flew more than 800 combat hours during Operation Iraqi Freedom before joining NASA in 2013 has been accused of “hacking” her estranged spouse Summer Worden’s bank account by the former Air Force intelligence officer. Worden used her spy skills to track down the offending IP address to NASA. Since Ms. McClain happened to be on the International Space Station at the time we have the possibility that this is the first cybercrime committed from space!

Who Is Deputy Dawg in Space?

When it comes to enforcing the law in space you might think it could be tricky. Turns out that legal framework was laid out long ago.  According to BBC News the law dictates any crime committed in space falls under the jurisdiction of the offending astronaut’s country of origin. Surprisingly simple and straight forward – must have been developed by scientists, not politicians or lawyers!

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