Enterprise Network & Security Architecture

Enterprise Network & Security Architecture

The goals of your network and security team must align with the business goals of your enterprise. These teams play a key role in assuring that the people, processes, and technology work together to maximize effectiveness in protecting and connecting your data and assets.

This coordination is of particular importance according to the Ponemon Institute, 70 percent of organizations lack the security personnel to adequately staff their departments. The available resources must be used efficiently and effectively to meet the business objectives.

The most difficult challenge is how to optimize and balance cost, complexity and risk. Achieving the right acceptable risk means thinking strategically about all the puzzle pieces in your enterprise infrastructure and anticipating future growth.

At Konsultek, we translate your business and security vision into an effective enterprise transformation strategy. We assist organizations by planning and supporting structured, coordinated activity to secure resources, enhance the continuous flow of information and ensure continuity, all in the face of change. By creating, communicating and optimizing your key security requirements, principles and operating models, we help you to evolve your organization and attain an optimized future state.

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