Entire Population of Ecuador’s Data Leaked

While in sheer numbers the Ecuadorian leak is far smaller than many corporate breaches in the US, the Ecuador government is taking the breach far more seriously than the US government ever has or probably ever will take a security breach and is meting out justice swiftly and decisively.

According to a post on vpnmentor.com more than 20 million people, including 7 million minors, had their most sensitive data leaked including the Ecuadorian equivalent of social security numbers, tax payer ID numbers and a host of other information including:

  • full name (first, middle, last)
  • gender
  • date of birth
  • place of birth
  • home address
  • email address
  • home, work, and cell phone numbers
  • marital status
  • date of marriage (if applicable)
  • date of death (if applicable)
  • level of education.

Image Source: CNN.com

A Significant Breach Deserves Significant Consequences

At least that is how the Ecuadorian Government feels. According to an article on CNN the Ecuadorian’s take their breaches a little more seriously than we do here in the States.

“On Monday, prosecutors and a federal police force raided the home of Novaestrat’s legal representative, William Roberto G., seizing electronic equipment and computers. Later that evening, the police found and detained him in Ecuador’s northwestern Esmeraldas province.

“He will be transferred immediately so that the Ecuador prosecutor can gather information in the framework of the investigation that is taking place,” tweeted Interior Minister Maria Paula Romo.

“If it’s confirmed that they violated the personal privacy of Ecuadorians, it is a criminal offense that must be punished,” said Telecommunications Minister Andres Michelena on Twitter.”

Imagine if the CEOs of Target, HomeDepot and Equifax were dragged out of their homes in response to their breaches! That might get the always challenged CISO budget enhanced and approved!

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