Ethical Hackers Converge on U.S. Army

Between October 9 and November 15 the U.S. Army was hacked by 52 different hackers. While without further context that sounds bad for the health of our Nation’s armed services these particular hacks were part of the second “Hack the Army” event.

According to the Army’s press release, last year’s bug bounty challenge included more than 60 publicly accessible web assets. The purpose of the program was to “enhance the safety and security of these systems through crowdsourced security testing by an army of ethical hackers.”

It is our Duty

“It is our duty to ensure our citizens are protected from cyber threats, and finding new and innovative ways to do so is vital,” said Alex Romero, Digital Service Expert at Department of Defense Digital Service. “Our adversaries are determined and creative, so we must be every bit more of both. This latest HackerOne Challenge allows us to continue to harden the Army’s attack surfaces with the talent and diverse perspectives of HackerOne’s vetted hacker community.”

146 Vulnerabilities Found

The 5-week challenge drew hackers from the U.S., Canada, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands and Romania. In that short, intense time period 146 vulnerabilities were found and $275,000 in bounties paid.

Satisfying and Rewarding for All

On November 20, the challenge culminated in an awards ceremony in Augusta, Georgia where the top three hackers — @alyssa_herrera@erbbysam, and @cdl — were rewarded for their contributions.

“The Department of Defense programs are some of my favorites to hack on, and Hack the Army 2.0 was one of the most rewarding,” said second place winner @alyssa_herrera. “It is so exciting to know that the vulnerabilities I find go towards strengthening Army defenses to protect millions of people. Coming in second place and being invited to spend time with the hackers and soldiers I worked alongside made the impact we made in this Challenge feel even bigger.”

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