Executive Risk Assessment

Executive Risk Assessment

“Hacking” is no longer solely in the domain of high value, high stakes business. It is a serious everyday threat for organizations of every type and size that rely on IT to facilitate their business. Reliable security depends on understanding the exposure. Knowing who would want to gain access to what information, where the critical assets are stored, how someone would approach or attack and how long a system can be down are all questions which need to be addressed.

Our staff of consultants will work with your executive level asset owners, power users, internal subject matter experts, and your IT personal to identify these assets and create an executive appraisal that identifies the critical assets and evaluates the likelihood  of a major incident occurring.

Fraud and theft are as old as mankind itself, but the intensity, impact and level of sophistication of today’s cyberattacks make cybercrimes uniquely dangerous for both digital businesses and governments. In this ever changing environment, business leaders/asset owners need real solutions to improve resilience. That starts with aligning security systems and processes with continual assessments and having business leaders working with their cybersecurity specialists. The bottom line for Konsultek is to support our clients with assuring the availability, confidentiality and integrity of their critical assets.

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