Fortnite Craze Attracts Hackers

Recently, Fortnite has been used as malware bait for gamers who are looking to cheat their way to a win. informs us that many of these game cheat download links might actually be downloading malware onto the eager-to-win gamer’s computer. The fake Fortnite hacking tools infect personal computers mainly through advertisements on YouTube videos and allow the attackers to modify the victim’s network with a man-in-the-middle strategy.  This gives them the access they need to spread targeted, malicious ads over webpages visited by the user.

Gamers Guide to Staying Safe

  • Only download content from a developer making sure that the source is safe and reputable
  • Use a Mac or IOS software because it doesn’t affect those as of yet. NOTE: this is most likely a temporary solution until the hackers adjust to infect those operating systems as well
  • Beware of Youtube videos promoting Fortnite cheat downloads and avoid them, they might be hiding malware
  • Don’t cheat! J Playing the game honestly to win more of the in-game rewards is obviously the safest way to obtain them and hopefully more fun!

Growing Avenues of Threats

Gamers are an easy target for hackers since winning is difficult without cheat codes. Fortnite is certainly not the first game that has been targeted and will probably not be the last.  The growing online presence of video games combined with the desire of many to win at all costs will make an ever larger portion of gamers more susceptible to devious hackers.  The game cheat vector is really quite similar to email phishing scams that take unsuspecting victims to malware laced websites. The only difference is the bait. Gamers, like email users, need to be prepared, stay safe, and maintain a sense of vigilance in regards to their security.

Safety Under Control

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