IIOT Security to Internet of Things

Security (IoT) Internet of Things

As recently as a few years ago, no one could have imagined that something as seemingly innocuous as a fish tank or as mundane as an HVAC unit could enable a cyber breach. Today we know that our abundant interconnectivity offers greater convenience and business efficiencies, but also introduces significant risk.

Actions informed by predictive analytics and data from a variety of sources contribute to highly complex systems capable of operating brilliantly without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. This is the promised land of the Internet of Things! However, as with any new security frontier, IoT presents novel problems to solve. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, former Justice Department official John Carlin discussed this new frontier and concluded “Smarter devices bring increased risks, and the world isn’t ready.”

However at Konsultek while we agree that IoT brings new risk, we know the world is ready and the solutions exist today to address these new risks.

Companies are feeling the pressure and facing the challenge of securing devices and protecting critical assets. The plethora of electronic equipment and automated processes are rife with possibilities for an attacker seeking to exploit low level vulnerabilities and insecure code.

Gaining security intelligence on key exploits and new vulnerabilities must be an essential part of your security effort. Proactively assessing these risks will inform your threat assessments, patch management approach, incident response, security analytics and situational awareness. Having the right partners and with the right expertise onboard can make all the difference.

At Konsultek, we have both the knowledge and the experience to help you leverage the promise of the IoT future while keeping your critical assets safe. Whether you require assistance in developing an IoT program, evaluating the security of embedded devices, uncovering vulnerabilities, or assessing your security with a penetration test, we can assist you with these challenges and help future-proof your efforts so you are ready for whatever comes next.

Need to Gain visibility into your IoT environment.

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