Infrastructure & Lifestyle Management

Infrastructure & Lifecycle Management

Managing the lifecycle of your infrastructure encompasses a whole lot more than plugging in new equipment and throwing away old equipment. Infrastructure optimization, secure media disposition and employee training should all be included in your lifecycle plan.

Let Konsultek’s team help you bring out the most of your infrastructure with our suite of services designed to maximize your return on investment.

Infrastructure Analysis & Design
The key points to reaching any goal are knowing where you are now, understanding where you want to go, and having a solid plan to bridge the gap. At Konsultek we serve as your expert resource, identifying where you are today, what your goals are for the future, and then creating a plan that will have you realizing your technology vision as efficiently as possible.

Installation & Configuration
The best plan on paper is worthless if not acted upon, right? Fortunately, we excel at the physical installation and configuration of every product we recommend. Security? Infrastructure? We have the experts, the tools, and the knowledge to implement your plan on-time, on-budget and without hassles.

Services – Secure & Environmental Media Disposition

If you are concerned about the removal or destruction of data from media or with the environmental impact of media disposition, you can rely on Konsultek for assistance. We are experts at destroying sensitive and secure information-laden media and disposing of that media in an environmentally friendly manner.

Need to Gain visibility into your IoT environment.

Our experts are here to answer any question you may have about our Managed Services.