MAC Targeted Malware Outpaces PC for First Time

Source: Malwarebytes

Microsoft and Apple are constantly battling for bragging rights such as who has the highest revenue or largest profit. However, one claim to fame you can bet neither wants is whose platform has the highest growth rate of malware!

Apple Takes the Lead

In 2019 the number of malware detections per machine as tracked by Malwarebytes soared for Mac, placing Apple, and Mac squarely at the top for this unenviable metric as shown below.

A Top 5 Global Threat Contender

Further confirming the rise in Mac based malware is this surprising stat. 2019 was the first year that Mac malware punched into the upper echelon of global threats. And not once, but twice. In 2019 Mac Adware “NewTab” took the number 2 position while PUP.PCVARK took the number 5 position.

Source: Malwarebytes 2020 Threat Summary

As shown above, the top 10 Mac threat are a mix of PUPs and adware. The PUPs are primarily “cleaning” apps that have been deemed unnecessary and unwanted by both the Mac community at large as well as Malwarebytes.

An Annoying Rise in Hassle

So, while adware and PUPs do not represent as serious a threat as say traditional malware or ransomware the sheer volume and hyperbolic growth means that millions of Macophiles around the globe are facing an ever-increasing hassle each day. Mac’s once perceived immunity to malware has been replaced by a reality where daily operation is hindered by a variety of nuisance level threats that appear to be evolving into more aggressive, malicious and persistent threats. It will be interesting to see what 2021 and beyond hold for the Mac community as they clearly have a target on their backs that wasn’t there just a few short years ago.

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