Macy’s Stock Drops 10% When Second Data Breach Reported

It may well be the holiday season and a time for cheer and goodwill to all but investors were not happy at all when on Tuesday 11/19/19 Macy’s reported that they experienced another data breach in October.

Not Many Details Yet

Since the breach is so fresh there aren’t many details yet. Here is what Macy’s has reported so far: experienced a breach between October 7 and October 15 of this year.

  • Malicious code was inserted into its website
  • An unknown number of customer’s information was stolen
  • That customer information included:
    • Names
    • Addresses
    • Phone numbers
    • Credit card numbers
    • Credit card verification codes
    • Credit card expiration dates.

Magecart Again?

While the exact identity of the hacker is unknown at this point, some are already speculating that Magecart the hacking/skimming group behind the British Airways, TicketMaster UK, NewEgg and Forbes hacks might well be behind the Macy’s attack.

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