Navy Responds to Cyber Breaches with Research Solicitation

Navy Responds to Cyber Breaches with Research Solicitation

Back in December we covered the Navy’s alarming revelation that significant cyber breaches had occurred over the prior 18 months.


Corrective Actions Already Underway

Last week NAVAIR updated their Resilient Cyber Warfare Capabilities for NAVAIR Weapon Systems solicitation. This solicitation, originally issued July 6, 2018 seeks research support technologies that are applicable to making the NAVAIR Weapon Systems more resilient to cyber-attack. It’s good to know that NAVAIR has already been making efforts to take corrective actions after the October 2018 GAO Study found that some of the most sophisticated weapons systems were vulnerable to relatively simplistic attacks.

3 Pillars of Interest

According to an article on NAVAIR is planning to better protect its systems moving forward by improving its capabilities in 3 areas.

  1. Dynamic Reconfiguration – when a network makes “changes to router rules, access control lists, intrusion detection/prevention system parameters, and filter rules for firewalls and gateways.” – as defined by NIST.
  2. Deception Tactics – “Leveraging classical denial and deception techniques to understand the specifics of adversary attacks enables an organization to build an active, threat-based cyber defense,” – according to researchers at MITRE.
  3. Artificial Intelligence – “We see that the more we automate our networks and the more we use machines to do the heavy lifting, the better. Our brains do not have the intellectual capacity to process all of that information,” – Rear Adm. Danelle Barrett, Navy Cyber Security Division Director.

Mirrors Konsultek’s Approach

What does protecting NAVAIR weapons systems and protecting your network have in common? In both cases a dynamic, holistic approach to security is needed. At Konsultek our custom security solutions defend, detect and secure networks against attacks from all manner of threat vectors. When you’re ready to take the next step in advanced network protection, give us a call to learn more.

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