Network Infrastructure

Is your business outgrowing your network infrastructure? Your network should amplify and enhance the productivity of your most expensive asset, your people.

If you’re receiving more complaints than compliments it’s time you brought in an unbiased expert to diagnose and recommend options to restore the productivity of your most important asset, your people.

Network Infrastructure Growing Pains

You’ve seen the signs. Felt the impact. Heard the frustrations of your organization. Your network is too slow. System availability is too low and your infrastructure is collapsing under the strain of your company’s growth. Organizational productivity is slipping and resources are being wasted.These unrecoverable losses, at all levels of the organization are driving costs up, restraining revenue generation and silently strangling your company’s profitability.

What is Your Organization Doing When Your System is Down?

Not what you would hope for and probably less than what you would like! System outages have a ripple effect that multiplies the actual outage length each time employees’ tasks are disrupted and they are forced to transition. The resulting work environment compounds inefficiencies and encourages unproductive behavior.

The Key to Network Infrastructure is Scalable Architecture

Scalable Architecture means that all of your network components work together seamlessly and expand to handle the growing demands of your organization.

  • File transfer, storage and access never become a bewildering series of steps that result in lost files, and lost enthusiasm.
  • System availability remains high even as the base load increases and demand spikes become more frequent.
  • Email, CRM and ERP systems run smoothly, quickly and error-free.Most important of all, your infrastructure leverages your most expensive asset and encourages productive behavior.

The Logical Place to Start: A Network Infrastructure Assessment

Not sure where to begin? Too busy? Think everything is running smoothly? Whatever your situation one of the best investments you’ll ever make is in a Konsultek Network Infrastructure Assessment.

“Konsultek has an impressive team of consultants. They really opened our eyes to a different approach to Networking LAN/WAN and Information Security. They definitely exceeded our expectations on a complex project that had very high visibility within our company.”

-Rick Wrobel Vice President of Information Technology CMK

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