No More Ransom Helps Victims Avoid $108 Million in Ransom so Far

In just 3 short years No More Ransom, an initiative by the National High Tech Crime Unit of the Netherlands’ police, Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre and McAfee, has prevented ransoms of $108 million by allowing users to decrypt their files using free tools. That, according to Europol as reported on July 26th.

No More Ransom provides a platform for law enforcement and IT security companies to collaborate with the goal to help victims of ransomware retrieve their encrypted data without having to pay the criminals.

Thank You Contributors!

Amazon AWS and Barracuda host and a veritable who’s who of anti-virus and security companies have donated encryption keys including but not limited to:

  • Emisoft
  • Avast
  • Bleeping Computer
  • Bitdefender
  • Kaspersky
  • Check Point
  • McAfee

Source: Europol Infographic

200,000 Victims Helped

In its 3 year life over 3 million users from around the world have visited the site and more than 200,000 victims have been helped. 2019 has so far seen the addition of 14 new tools bringing the total number of different ransomwares that can be decrypted as of the July 26, 2019 press release to 109. Nearly 40,000 people have successfully decrypted files ransomed by GandCrab alone, saving roughly $50 million in ransom payments.

“When we take a close look at ransomware, we see how easy a device can be infected in a matter of seconds. A wrong click and databases, pictures and a life of memories can disappear forever. No More Ransom brings hope to the victims, a real window of opportunity, but also delivers a clear message to the criminals: the international community stands together with a common goal, operational successes are and will continue to bring the offenders to justice.” – Steve Wilson, Head of Europol’s European Cybercrimme Center (EC3)

Who is Your Security Partner?

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