Carbon Black Endpoint Security

Bit9 and Konsultek Lock Down Endpoints

Carbon Black is enabling a growing number of organizations to protect their endpoints and servers—and the important information on them—by delivering:

Visibility – Know what’s running on every computer right now
Detection – Real-time detection of advanced threats and zero-day attacks
Protection – Stop all untrusted software from executing
Forensics – Full audit trail accelerates analysis and response
Integration – Direct integration FireEye and Palo Alto Networks

Multiply the Return on Your Investment In FireEye and Palo Alto


When FireEye or Palo Alto Networks detect a suspicious file on your network, Carbon Black automatically tells you if the malware has landed or executed on any of your endpoints or servers. We confirm the location, scope and severity of the threat. Also, as new files arrive on your endpoints and servers Carbon Black can submit them—on-demand or automatically—to FireEye or Palo Alto Networks for analysis. And if they determine the file is malicious, Carbon Black will stop it from executing.

Bit9 Integrates with FireEye and Palo Alto

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