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Konsultek Provides Application Traffic Management in ChicagoYour IT infrastructure can be at the heart of your businesses’ success or failure. Virtually every significant initiative in your business relies upon IT infrastructure and its ability to grow and adapt as your business evolves.

Unfortunately, traditional IT still exists in a static, inflexible world.  Rapid changes in your business requirements send your staff scrambling to cope, often with quick fixes and one-off solutions that are neither resource nor time efficient.

At Konsultek, we like to approach things differently and that is why we prefer to craft flexible, scalable solutions based upon F5’s Big IP product suite.So whether you are staring a legacy load balancing upgrade, a BYOD security issue or any other significant network challenge in the face, we have the experience and the technologies to formulate a seamless solution to your most vexing enterprise level IT infrastructure challenges.

Why we Favor F5?

  • F5 is the only vendor that provides an open architectural framework, offering IT organizations new ways to deliver services that generate true business value. This unique framework includes:
  • F5 TMOS ® The universal, shared product platform that adds intelligence and complete control to application delivery.
  • F5 iRules™ The event-driving scripting language that customizes how application traffic is intercepted, inspected, transformed, and directed.
  • F5 iControl® The open API that helps automate communications and eliminates the need for costly manual intervention.
  • F5 Data Management Operating System The core of F5’s scalable and intelligent file virtualization solutions that simplifies and automates data delivery.

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