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Firemon solutions help enterprise customers manage their network security better by providing proactive security through effective management.

Konsultek Provides Firemon to Chicago

  • Security Posture Management Solutions
  • Identify Attack Entry Points to Reduce Risk
  • Quantify and Prioritize which Gaps to Close First
  • Model the Risk of Changes before Implementing

Konsultek, a premier partner of Firemon in the USA, Europe and Singapore, sees the benefit of Firemon’s approach when helping customers.

As cited in an article on Kurt Buckardt, CTO of Konsultek said “Firemon’s Security Manager has been assisting our customers in developing a workflow strategy for their firewalls.”

“It’s helping to drive risk out of the organization by incorporating and overlaying vulnerability management into the overall firewall management process. So, they’re able to do more with fewer resources.”

Firemon’s Risk Analyzer is similarly valuable to enterprise organizations by helping measure your exposed risk, stopping attacks before they propagate and increasing efficiency with prioritized vulnerabilities.


Firemon Risk Manager Available in Chicago From Konsultek Firemon Risk Analyzer Available in Chicago From Konsultek

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