Konsultek NAC Managed Service

“It’s become clear that in order to be relevant, a Next Generation NAC solution must provide capabilities beyond basic network access authentication”.

–Frost and Sullivan

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Historically NAC has been a capital and resource intensive operation at the enterprise level.  Add to these organizational constraints significant technical challenges and you create an environment that is ready for a better solution.

NAC Challenge

Organizational Impact

Complexity Increased deployment time and costs
Lack of integration within your network Network upgrades or replacement required
Limited control options; 802.1x only Weak security; reduced productivity
Agent-based solution Decreased end-user experience
BYOD and Mobile Devices Resource constraints

Introducing KNACMAN the Next Generation NAC Managed Service  from Konsultek

KNACMAN is built on ForeScout’s best-in-class CounterAct platform – A proven, enterprise-class solution that addresses many security risks from employee and guest access control, to real-time network visibility, mobile security, asset classification and endpoint compliance and remediation.

Key Features of KNACMAN

  • Compliancy – Granular policies help achieve compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA and other industry and governmental regulations
  • Holistic BYOD Protection – KNACMAN provides real-time visibility into your network by identifying, profiling, and applying security policies to every IP-enabled device.
  • Reduced Risk – Access control responsibility and capital risk rests on Konsultek’s shoulders not yours.
  • Reduced Operating Cost – Say goodbye to all those lengthy deployments, training and tuning hours associated with the introduction of new products into your environment.
  • Turns CAPEX into OPEX with flexible leasing options.
  • Accelerated implementation cycle – Begin enjoying the protection of a fully operable NAC solution quickly and without the pain of going it alone.
  • Seamless Integration – Integrates with directory and identity management systems to enable the creation of security policies based on end-users’ identities.

Download Your Free Frost and Sullivan NAC as a Managed Service
White Paper

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