Recommendations for CISOs Facing Tough Challenges with Limited Resources

That’s the message voiced loud and clear by a group of 200 CISOs interviewed as part of a Forbes Insights report conducted in association with Konsultek partner Fortinet.

The 24 page report concludes with the following recommendations for maximizing success

  1. Focus on protecting the brand – An organization’s brand and brand assets are often the targets of malicious actors and are the most important assets to be protected.
  2. Make the business case for the CISOs budget – Threats are on the rise and today’s CISOs must be able to make a solid business case as to why their budget needs to rise commensurately or risk being underfunded, understaffed and outgunned.
  3. Automate your resources as much as possible – Staff will be constrained. And, unless automation is leveraged, your staff will be consumed with tactical, repetitive functions instead of focusing on the more strategic aspects of security that can drive lasting improvement.
  4. Move more resources from prevention to detection and response – Prevention is not dead but it is not 100% effective either. Once the barbarians have breached the walls you need to quickly detect and respond.

Image Courtesy of Forbes Insight

  1. Be sure you are focusing on your organization’s cybersecurity knowledge – Cybersecurity is everyone’s concern and only by inculcating the entire organization with a security culture and providing actionable training will you and your team be able to operate with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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