Reporter Trolls the Russian Dark Web and Finds…

Reporter Trolls the Russian Dark Web and Finds…

Dylan Curran, writing for the Guardian, recently published a fascinating look at the world of Russian Dark Web hacking forums.

Knowledge is Power

You may recall that we took a look at dark web forums previously here, here and here. Well, in case you are under the false impression that the dark web has been scrubbed clean or had the bright light of justice shone upon it, you’ll be disappointed to learn that the dark web is not just alive, but thriving!


Dylan’s deep dive was into just one of the larger hacking forums called FreeHacks which divides itself up into no less than 17 different hacking related sub-forums (granted, one of those sub-forums  is “Humor”) to meet the needs of its 5,000 or so members.

Unlike some of the sites we’ve chronicled in the past, FreeHacks is focused on education and sharing and in this way really highlights the difference in mindset between Russian hackers and those in Western countries.

Collaboration vs. Independence

On FreeHacks information and instruction on a very detailed and granular level are being openly shared for the greater good of the community. This is in contrast to Western hackers who are more apt to keep a lower profile, less openly sharing knowledge and less likely to collaborate with strangers in order to maintain as much anonymity (and competitive advantage?) as possible.

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