Security Services

Whether you need help responding to a security incident or proactively identifying vulnerabilities before they become an incident let Konsultek’s skilled, certified engineering team be your “go to” source for:

Vulnerability Assessment
Konsultek combines state of the art vulnerability assessment tools with a proprietary process to deliver measurable value and objective results. Our vulnerability assessment experts will:

* Manually validate vulnerability findings
* Identify gaps by comparing findings to compliance requirements
* Provide interpretation of vulnerability assessment results
* Map vulnerability assessment results to a risk action plan

Penetration Testing
Have you ever wondered how secure your network is? At Konsultek we can perform penetration tests to determine the efficacy of your security controls, if and how easily controls can be bypassed, and what if any information can be accessed.

Incident Response

Murphy said “Whatever can go wrong will go wrong” and in the network and security space it seems that things go wrong at the worst possible time! When it’s your neck on the line you want to make sure that your partner is timely and thorough. Sure, response time is important but time to remediation is what counts and that’s where Konsultek shines. From minor hiccups to serious problems you can count on Konsultek to be there quickly and until your problem is resolved.

Disaster Planning & Recovery
Disaster recovery begins with disaster planning. Don’t be caught trying to plan your response in the heat of the moment. The time to plan is when things are going well and Konsultek’s team of experts can craft an efficient and effective plan that accounts for the who, what, where, when, and why’s BEFORE you ever need them. We hope you never need to implement one of our expert plans! But trust us, you’ll thank us if you ever do because you’ll know how to return your operation to “business as usual” by following our detailed recovery playbook.

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