SPAM on the Rise Globally

We highlighted the release of The 2017 Cisco Annual Cybersecurity report in our blog post a few weeks back. Today, SPAM is on the menu and the same Cisco report serves up some very interesting insights into the growth of global spam.

According to the report:

  • 65% of all email globally is spam
  • 8-10% of spam in 2016 was malicious. More troubling however is that 75% of spam in October, 2016 contained malicious attachments
  • From August to October 2016 there was a dramatic rise in the number of IP addresses deemed spammy and subsequent blocked
  • Cisco researchers attribute much of the rise of spam in 2016 to the Necurs botnet ( a primary distributor of the Locky ransomare


Konsultek Knows Spam

Spam is problematic for every organization. In its most benign form the sheer volume of spam can overload inboxes and waste valuable employee time. In its most malignant form spam can trick employees into inviting malware into networks or even sending funds to cybercriminals masquerading as suppliers.

At Konsultek, spam is just one of things we take of the buffet of cyber threats so that your employees, your organization and your network are protected. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your organization please give us a call.


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