Survey Reveals Size Matters When Planning Security Spend

In mid-August 2018 Gartner published its prediction for an 8.7% increase in IT security spending in 2019. This week released its State of IT Security Survey and revealed that when it comes to security spending in 2019, size matters.

Survey Says

Based on their survey, it will be the larger companies that will be primarily driving the 2019 increase in spend while smaller organizations will lag behind.

The vast majority of big spenders in the survey (69 percent) were mid-sized through very large organizations, and their spending lists are long.

By contrast, of the 46 percent of respondents who said their cybersecurity spending will remain flat or down slightly, 62 percent were from companies with fewer than 100 employees, and only a few were from very large companies.

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Where Will the Spend be Focused?

According to the survey respondents the majority of the spending will be on proven core security technologies -specifically NAC, web gateways and DLP. This is consistent with what we’re seeing at Konsultek and represents the bedrock of our expertise. Our holistic approach to security solutions is built upon weaving together offerings from leaders in each of these fields such as ForeScout, F5, Forcepoint and Checkpoint.

Are You Prepared?

About 64 percent of respondents said they conduct penetration testing at least annually, and 60 percent conduct threat hunting exercises at the same rate. Do you? Our team of engineers and account executives has the skills and resources to quickly and efficiently determine the vulnerability of your network and offer solutions for any weaknesses found.

If you are interested in getting an outside, independent and unbiased analysis of your network’s security, simply give us a call or click here:

The first 20 respondents will receive a complimentary Executive Risk Assessment. This assessment will not only show you the risk and impact to your most critical digital assets but demonstrate the likelihood of a breach happening.

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