Which Countries Have the Highest Average Data Breach Costs?

The Ponemon Institute with sponsorship from IBM just released their 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study:Global Analysis.

As we have become accustomed to, this study is chock full of interesting data and as such we’ll dedicate a few blog posts to highlighting some of the more interesting points as opposed to attempting to cram it all into one all-encompassing missive.

Which Countries Have the Highest Average Data Breach Costs?

The first data set presented in the report compares the cost of per capita breaches across 12 different countries. The results are shown below:

Source: Ponemon Institute


After reading through the report it was difficult to identify a single element that defined why the costs of a breach per record were higher for the top countries. Rather, it seems as though a variety of contributing factors are at work.

  1. The prevalence of “high breach cost industries” in that country. For example, healthcare and financial services industries
  2. The degree of 3rd party integration – more integrations mean higher costs
  3. The size of the breach itself – larger breaches tend to cost more per record
  4. Detection and escalation costs – Canada, for example had costs far higher than other similar countries in this regard
  5. Notification and post-breach response costs – here the US and Germany led the charge.

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