What we do.

RedSeal’s network modeling and risk scoring platform provides actionable intelligence to help you build resilience in three ways:

Improving Security Posture: Our network modeling capability helps you validate access controls, audit compliance and identify misconfigurations so you can continually adjust and improve.

Accelerating Incident Response: RedSeal’s network model brings network context into your incident response process. We help you locate affected devices, identify access paths to additional potential targets and provide immediate containment options.

Improving the Productivity of Network and Security Teams: Our deep integration with your existing security products allows your teams to find and fix misconfigurations, make access decisions, assess attack vectors and check compliance within minutes and hours — instead of days or weeks.

How we do it.

We understand your network, from the inside, out. By ingesting configuration information from the most relevant devices our platform creates a model that gives you situational awareness—the ability to understand relationships between devices. See all possible access paths. Prioritize risks so you can protect the highest value, reachable assets first.

And, we provide a Digital Resilience Score to help you determine the current resilience level of your network and actively manage improvements.