Next Generation Security Operation & Security Intelligence

Next Generation Security Operation & Security Intelligence

In today’s digital world, cyber threats continue to increase in frequency, complexity, and impact. Years ago we worried about viruses and spam malware launched by lone wolves and teenaged pranksters. Now we face cyber attacks which pose significant global, political, and commercial threats with consequential financial and reputational impact. We no longer question “if” an incident will occur; it is only a question of “when” the incident will happen.

At the same time, skilled security analysts are becoming harder to find, hire, train, and retain. Job opportunities for security personnel are growing faster than the pool of qualified candidates, leaving many positions unstaffed and gaping holes in corporate security programs.

Incorporating a Security Operations Center with well thought out security intelligence provides you the insight you need to understand your adversaries and your environment. Adding these features to your Cyber Program is vital to any modern organization’s security program, combining internal and external data, strengthening situational awareness and focusing detection response efforts to aid meaningful recovery. The fact is, if you can’t detect a threat you sure aren’t going to be able to respond to it adequately.

Creating a highly collaborative, effective and efficient security operation shouldn’t be out of reach. It just takes proper planning and expertise to integrate disparate systems and accurately prioritize threat tasks. By creating a tuned in real-time detection system with relevant security intelligence enables you to respond to the changing threat landscape by using advanced automation and analytics as a foundation.

Konsultek has the experience to create an integrated program that covers detection, orchestration, automation, analytics, incident response, measurement and reporting. With the shortage of security professionals we can even take on some of these tasks at Konsultek to supplement your program. Give us a call to learn how we can help.

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