Civil Unrest Another Factor When Locating Data Centers

Source: New York Times

The riots across many of the largest cities in America make this the opportune time to address one of the customer questions we are often asked – “Where should we locate our data center?”

Let’s begin by reviewing what historically have been the most important factors when choosing a location for your data center.

      1. Propensity for Natural Disasters 

While taken on an individual basis, most natural disasters are relatively rare. However, if you are in a risk zone the likelihood of a disaster striking is more a matter of “when”, not “if. Therefore, these high-risk areas should be avoided if at all possible. Earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, forest fires, landslides, tsunamis, and blizzards are all natural risk factors that should be considered. 

      2. Proximity, Reliability and Price of Power 

Data centers need lots of reliable and preferably inexpensive power. While power rates vary within states and from city to city, you likely are not going to find inexpensive power anywhere in Hawaii (the Nation’s most expensive on average) where you can probably do pretty well anywhere in Washington (the Nation’s cheapest on average). 

      3. Network Access – You’ll Want at Least 2 Major Providers 

All your valuable data is worthless if you can’t get access and distribute it reliably. Our recommendation is that you have at least 2 major providers in order to avoid disruption. Fortunately, the FCC has a great interactive tool to help you understand the presence and reliability of providers. Below is a map of Illinois – the darker the blue, the larger the number of service providers. 

Source: FCC

     4. Proximity to People – Skilled Workers and End Users 

Your data center is going to need skilled employees to operate it. Your end users are going to want to access their data without latency issues. Make sense? 

     5. Access to Affordable Real Estate 

You’ll need real estate to house your data center. And, much like power, real estate costs vary widely depending upon a variety of factors. Here is a 3D map courtesy of that shows the relative prices of real estate across the United States. The lighter the shade, the higher the average price per square foot. 

     6. Avoiding Civil Unrest and Riots 

Finally, with the world seemingly simmering and in parts boiling it makes sense to ensure your data center operation is not going to be impacted by civil unrest and rioting. This probably means avoiding the largest cities in most states. 

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